How to select the correct shipping method for your order?

Posted by sundaybuy 17 March,2011 (0)Comment

We got some Complaints for the shipment these days,most of them are "delay" or "not arrive","no information" we thought it is time to explain about the shipping method to all of our customers to reduce complaints and help you to select the correct shipping method before payment.

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Why can't you get after-sales support from other suppliers?

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We got many email or message about after sale service from the buyers who didn't buy Car DVD Players from us,so strange?

Some of them ask for details of operation,some of them ask for replacement because of the mistake of car dvd player model for his car,some of them ask for software upgrade,some of them ask for spare part for repair...we'd like to help any one who have questions or problem about the car dvd player,that's why we release our official blog for FAQ.But if they ask more than what we can do in our FAQ blog,that will be a problem:we can not support the ones who didn't pay us.It is a pity but it is true,because the after sale support will cost us many time,even cost us profit.


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Why we can not supply the cheapest price in the market?

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Why we can not supply the cheapest price for the car dvd gps in the market?And you said you are a professional Car Electronics Supplier especial in Car Audio & Video with the staffs who have 5 years experience in the export business for Car Electronics?Why?...

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Complaints from Shaby and our service

Posted by sundaybuy 10 November,2010 (2)Comment

All of our products come with 1 year warranty,but we still supply warranty if we can supply spare part or service even that the time expired,just want the customer get support after shopping.

Here is the details of the Complaints from Shaby who bought a car dvd player for mazda3 one year before...

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How to setup steering wheel control?

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Most of the cars has steering wheel control for their original CD Radio player in the market,the questions is how to setup the steering wheel control after we replace the car dvd player to the car?Follow it...

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How to setup TomTom map?

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Different car dvd player come with different GPS,the hardware and software will be a little different as our experience,so some of the device run tomtom perfectly,some of them not.If the device can run the map but no signal,so you can follow this instruction to setup the map yourself...

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How to do dropship business online in our site?

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We can do Dropship business with our Car Electronics from China to the whole world,it is easy and simple,no external cost,no MOQ,you can do it at any time with any products online which available,just follow this instructions to make it correct...

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What is two way can bus for car dvd player?

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We had know can bus before,but What is two way can bus?

As we know,for the car dvd player with can bus,we can control the steering wheel from car dvd player to car system,let's clear it...

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What is Traffic Message Channel(TMC)?

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Do you want to know the traffic when you are drving on the road?Sure,100% of the drivers want to know which way is the free road and can be get to desitination fast!So the Traffic Message Channel which we call TMC can help you...

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National Day Holiday Notice

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National Day Holiday Notice

There will be a long holiday for our China National Day which celebrates the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949.There will be 7 days of public holiday, with government and most businesses closed.We can not ship out any package during 1th,October to 7th,October...

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